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Spring/Summer Front Porch Ideas

How do you like the table display?  The table top is really an old medicine cabinet mirror that I picked up from the thrift shop for $3.  I sat it on top of TV/valet tray bottom that I also found at the thrift store for a few bucks.  Both had been sitting in the garage for a while when I decided to pair them up....

practice with new camera 029

I like the reflection you get from the mirror

practice with new camera 031

practice with new camera 032

I added a plant to the vase sitting under the table.

Outdoor Gardening 2012 002

This cute welcome sign was revealed in another project a few weeks ago.  You can read about it here.

5k march 31 2012 009

Outdoor Gardening 2012 004

Flowers from Sunny Ridge Greenhouse in Nelsonville, OH.

Outdoor Gardening 2012 011

Love using old ladders for display!  This is the perfect size for a porch.

Outdoor Gardening 2012 013

Weeds pulled – check

Edging – done

40 bags of mulch – thanks Brent and Mitch!

I think we are ready for summer!

Outdoor Gardening 2012 014


It looks great! I love that old ladder :)
Anonymous said…
Your porch looks wonderful! Isn't it satisfying to put two unrelated things together and get something that works just right? Love your thrift store combo. I'm jealous of all your perfect mulch. We still have to get to that. Have a great day!
Tam said…
Thanks Laura and Jennifer - I'm glad it's finally done and we can now enjoy it all summer!
thistlewoodfarm said…
What a great idea to add the medicine cabinet door as a table top! I really like what you have done and I know you will enjoy it all summer!

Anonymous said…
What an adorable ladder! Love the way you arranged the plants on it! You have created such an inviting space...I just want to sit down in one of those rockers and enjoy some lemonade. :-) Visiting you from DIY Showoff, so happy to be now following!
Donna Wilkes said…
Jealous of your live-in porch. I just have a stoop. My favorite is the ladder! Came over from Live, Laugh...

Distressed Donna down Home
Stacey said…
Your porch looks warm and inviting! Very nice!
Thanks for linking up this week!
Stacey of Embracing Change

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