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How To Get More Sales on Etsy Part 3 of 6

I hope you have been reading this series! I have learned a lot of valuable tips about getting more vintage sales on Etsy. In Part 1, we talked about displaying at antique and/or craft fairs and whether or not each shop had a business Facebook page or advertised on blogs. In Part 2 , we covered ads and apps. Now it’s time to move on to packaging and Etsy teams - do they really help you get more sales? Let’s find out! You can see my original list of twelve questions in Part 1 . Do you send something special in your packaging (i.e – magnets with your shop name, etc.). If so, what do you send? Stacy from Vintage Jane said “I do not send anything extra in packages, but pack very neatly, with business card and logo sticker.” Laura from Peachy Chic Boutique said “Yes, I always send something in my packages to my customers, just a little thank may be a vintage playing card, postcard, bookplate, sticker...anything light weight that is appropriate generally to what they have

How to Get More Vintage Sales on Etsy Part 2 of 6

I would love to get more vintage Etsy sales and I hope you do too. Last week we learned about whether or not those who are in the upper echelon of vintage sellers on Etsy do craft and /or vintage fairs, have a business Facebook page and whether or not they blog or advertise on other blogs (if you missed Part 1, please click here to read more about it). This week, we tackle ads and apps . Do you pay for Google Ads or Etsy Ads and do you use any Etsy Apps? Stacy from Vintage Jane said “I do pay for Etsy ads only.” Laura from Peachy Chic Boutique said she uses the Etsy coupon code feature from time to time. Susan from Callooh Callay does not pay for any ads, but does use the app called “ Shmetsy ” for making Treasury Lists. Analysis: Interestingly, most DO NOT pay for ads or use Etsy apps. None of the participants interviewed used the Etsy On Sale app. How often do you list your items on Etsy? Gina from Rusty Secrets said “I continually try to list items or renew i

How To Get More Vintage Sales on Etsy Part 1 of 6

That is the ultimate question and I am dying to know!  Since vintage  is a somewhat newer category on Etsy. I thought I would go straight to the source – those who are kicking some major butt selling vintage items on Etsy.  As a result, I plan on doing a six part series on the topic. After googling the search term “ how to get more vintage sales on Etsy ” I was taken to the web site Craft Count which has a listing of the top 250 vintage shops with the most sales on Etsy – what a great place to start my research!  I randomly began selecting different shops and sent an email to each of them asking if they would be so kind to answer twelve questions (I know, that’s a lot to ask of a total stranger!).  Here is my list of questions:     1. Do you display at craft/antique fairs? 2. Do you have a blog or do you advertise on other blogs? 3. Do you have a Facebook page and/or Twitter account that you utilize for your shop? 4. Do you pay for Google Ads or Etsy Ads? 5. Do you use apps su

Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet Repurposed into a Mini Bar or Drink Cart

Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet repurposed into a drink cart in midnight blue. I LOVE this piece and only wish I had room to keep it! I had so much fun putting this together! This repurposed cabinet has been painted with CeCe Caldwell paint (I mixed 3 different colors together) and then stained with CeCe Caldwell's Dark Wax. After painting was completed, I added a vintage white metal basin which can hold ice. This piece cannot be removed, so you will have to remove your ice when done by hand. Handles are copper. Colors are shades of dark blue with hints of brown from the original color of the cabinet showing through.  Gorgeous!! Measurements with the piece closed are: 17.5 inches deep 22 inches wide 31 inches tall Measurements with the piece in the open position: 17.5 inches deep 43 inches wide 31 inches tall Vintage shot caddy (think Mad Men) and chalkboards available at The Gypy Chix Company on Etsy.  Can’t wait for you to stop by.  I love vintage – do you??

Etsy Team Columbus Blog Party!!

Don't you just love a PARTY!! Beginning April 1, 2013, join ETSY TEAM COLUMBUS (ETC) in celebrating their 5th Anniversary! A new handmade item from one of the ETC members is up for grabs each day! There are more than ten Etsy Stores participating! How does it work? Starting April 1, each day a new ETC store & artist will be featured. An item of the seller's choice will be up for grabs. How can I enter? To enter, you must simply post a comment on the thread stating what your favorite item is from their store. It's THAT simple. You get a chance to win and we get feedback on our products! Can I enter more than once for the same prize? Absolutely.  Make sure you do your required entry first. Then you will get the opportunity to favorite the seller's Etsy store, join their Etsy circle, like their Facebook page, follow their website, and blog or tweet about the giveaway. There are so many ways to get extra entries!! Here is the Day 1 Giveaway from Grassy Branch F