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How To Get More Sales on Etsy Part 3 of 6

I hope you have been reading this series! I have learned a lot of valuable tips about getting more vintage sales on Etsy. In Part 1, we talked about displaying at antique and/or craft fairs and whether or not each shop had a business Facebook page or advertised on blogs. In Part 2, we covered ads and apps. Now it’s time to move on to packaging and Etsy teams - do they really help you get more sales? Let’s find out! You can see my original list of twelve questions in Part 1.

Do you send something special in your packaging (i.e – magnets with your shop name, etc.). If so, what do you send?

Stacy from Vintage Jane said “I do not send anything extra in packages, but pack very neatly, with business card and logo sticker.”

Laura from Peachy Chic Boutique said “Yes, I always send something in my packages to my customers, just a little thank may be a vintage playing card, postcard, bookplate, sticker...anything light weight that is appropriate generally to what they have bought. It also depends on what items I come across in my search for vintage products or have in my "stash" of goodies. One of my favorite items was when once I came across a bunch of large, black & white ROUTE 66 stickers, shaped like a highway road sign. These were so perfect for a vintage shop giveaway, I have considered finding a shop that I can order some from! Sometimes I wrap a train case in big maps & add the sticker with my packing slip, to give it a great, coordinated look:) Packaging is an area I thoroughly enjoy!”

Susan from Callooh Callay said “No presents sent--just a business card with a code for 10% off on the back.”  Cindy from Two Dog Vintage said “No. I am proud of my packaging and have gotten lots of compliments on it but I don't include premiums or freebies.”

Analysis: It appears that at a minimum, everyone sends a business card. To stand out, you should spend a little time on your packaging – you want people to remember you. I like what Laura from Peachy Chic Boutique had to say. You should match your packaging to what you are selling. I plan on ordering logo stickers and getting tissue paper that matches the colors of my logo. I can definitely improve in this area! It’s a tough balancing act; you want your packaging to stand out without increasing the total cost of shipping.

Are you involved in the Etsy community (Treasury Teams, etc.)?

Gina from Rusty Secrets is a member of one team based out of her home state of Maine.

Vintage Jane and Two Dog Vintage are both on one or two teams, but are very inactive.

Peachy Chic Boutique said “I have only made, I think, 2 treasuries, it's fun, but I really don't have the time. I do enjoy being featured in other people's treasuries! I am on 2 active vintage teams, the best is Team Madcap; I always put that tag on my items so the other team members can find my items to add to their treasuries. I am in treasuries almost every day! I think that has definitely helped my sales. I also read the Forums every morning to keep my pulse on what is happening & add a post if I can help someone.’

Susan from Callooh Callay said “Yes, I'm on several teams--a few "treasury" teams and a few vintage teams.”

Analysis: Based on the feedback received, I think it helps to be on teams that help promote other team members. Take Laura from Peachy Chic Boutique for example – she is in treasuries almost every day! I recently joined “Etsy Team Columbus” and they promote several treasuries per week. Since joining Etsy Team Columbus, my sales have definitely increased!

Do you have any tips you would like to pass along?

Stay tuned for Part 4 of the series where we will talk about “how to be found” on Etsy and the Etsy Front page. .

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I hope you find something that makes you smile and of course it's even better if it's something you can't live without :)

The Gypsy Chix Company, a place where old sh#t is cool. Every home needs a few fun vintage pieces!

etsy ceramics 013
Vintage ceramic teapot vibrant green and orange Zeller Keramik

  Etsy nov 2012 094
Vintage Bokar Coffee tin and Kroger Spotlight Coffee tin

 Etsy and ebay lots of pics 078

Vintage Wall Pocket Pastel Blue Plum Fruit w/ Red Handle Teapot Wall Pocket

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