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Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet Repurposed into a Mini Bar or Drink Cart

Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet repurposed into a drink cart in midnight blue. I LOVE this piece and only wish I had room to keep it! I had so much fun putting this together!

This repurposed cabinet has been painted with CeCe Caldwell paint (I mixed 3 different colors together) and then stained with CeCe Caldwell's Dark Wax.

After painting was completed, I added a vintage white metal basin which can hold ice. This piece cannot be removed, so you will have to remove your ice when done by hand.

Handles are copper. Colors are shades of dark blue with hints of brown from the original color of the cabinet showing through.  Gorgeous!!

Measurements with the piece closed are:
17.5 inches deep
22 inches wide
31 inches tall

Measurements with the piece in the open position:
17.5 inches deep
43 inches wide
31 inches tall

furniture projects 2013 010

furniture projects 2013 012

Vintage shot caddy (think Mad Men) and chalkboards available at The Gypy Chix Company on Etsy.  Can’t wait for you to stop by.  I love vintage – do you??

furniture projects 2013 011

furniture projects 2013 009

Item is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop for local delivery only (Columbus, OH). 

Wine anyone??


Patty said…
I have this sewing machine- cabinet and all. It still works quite well, so I think I need YOURS for my drinks. Too bad I am so far away and short of cash.
Good job, by the way.
Tam said…
Thanks Patty. I picked this one up at the thrift shop and the sewing machine had already been taken out.
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raojee said…
I think my grandma had one and I must say Its a smart idea to try

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