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How To Get More Etsy Sales Part 4 of 6

Wow, we are already on Part 4 of this 6 part series! Click here to read Parts 1 thru 3.  This week, we explore the best way to be “found” on Etsy and key word advice from our top vintage Etsy sellers. Let’s jump right in. Out of the hundreds of thousands of items and shops on Etsy – what is the best way to be “found” in your experiences? Stacey from Vintage Jane said “Best way to be found is through Etsy "search" Laura from Peachy Chic Boutique said “I think SEO words are the best way to be found. Describe your item in the exact words you think someone would search for your item. I always put the word Vintage first, if appropriate to the item. Adding a color to the title will help people making treasuries or searching for that color find you. I copy my titles into my tags & separate with commas. I always add my shop name as a tag.” Susan from Callooh Callay said “I think paying attention to SEO is one important aspect of being found (don't know what the