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How to Get More Sales on Etsy Part 5 of 6

How to get more sales on Etsy, tell me more! This week we take a look at Pictures and the Front Page of Etsy . Our panel of vintage shop owners provides some pretty solid advice regarding this topic. Click here to read Parts 1 thru 4. Pictures – any advice? Gina from Rusty Secrets said “I try to take good pictures which will draw others to want to use my item in a Treasury. I have found that having an item featured in a Treasury brings my shop a lot of attention and some business.” Stacey from Vintage Jane said “use natural light, play around with camera, get many angles, and show how the item could be used.” I got this advice from one shop owner: “The clearer the better, Etsy has good advice on how to brighten your photos. I try to show my items - warts and all. Show up close, eye level, looking down, etc. I take way too many photos for one item so I can pick the best and most interesting. One thing though...I notice a lot sellers cut off their products when viewing them wi