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Vintage Roller Skates

When is the last time you laced up those old time retro roller skates ? Roller skating is a favorite past time of many Americans. I went as a young teenager and my children had many birthday parties at the local skating rink. It’s one of those old fashioned activities that has definitely stood the test of time.  Do you have an old pair just lying around?  I picked up these two pair at an auction recently. They both have wooden wheels and were made by the Chicago Skate Company . Probably from the 1950’s.           The wheels on the black pair say “Cleveland Skate Co”  The metal bottom piece says “Chicago Skate Co.”         The black pair are available for purchase at The Gypsy Chix Company on Etsy.    The white pair are also available at The Gypsy Chix Company (just click on the link).    These would be perfect for your skate themed retro room!