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How to Get More Sales on Etsy Part 5 of 6

How to get more sales on Etsy, tell me more! This week we take a look at Pictures and the Front Page of Etsy. Our panel of vintage shop owners provides some pretty solid advice regarding this topic. Click here to read Parts 1 thru 4.

Pictures – any advice?

Gina from Rusty Secrets said “I try to take good pictures which will draw others to want to use my item in a Treasury. I have found that having an item featured in a Treasury brings my shop a lot of attention and some business.”

Stacey from Vintage Jane said “use natural light, play around with camera, get many angles, and show how the item could be used.”

I got this advice from one shop owner: “The clearer the better, Etsy has good advice on how to brighten your photos. I try to show my items - warts and all. Show up close, eye level, looking down, etc. I take way too many photos for one item so I can pick the best and most interesting. One thing though...I notice a lot sellers cut off their products when viewing them with a list of similar items on Etsy. The pictures look great when you click on them and are able see the whole shot, but I'd rather you see mine right away. Focus on the product and not a pretty picture you think Etsy might like. Lastly, not everything looks good on a white background (aka clear glass bottles)”

Laura from Peachy Chic Boutique said “keep working on improving your pictures. Study other shops for background, staging, & prop, ideas. Again, I generally follow this formula:

· 1st photo is your money shot. Make it an "action" (on a slant) pic if you can.
· Next, close up shot.
· Next, take a measurement shot.
· A back or label photo
· Nice ending photo...I always add one pic showing the full item. 

The best photo advice: “photos are for INFORMATION...this is what they need to give the buyers, as well as being attractive. I often will do a collage of pics if I need more than 5 shots. I use Photoscape which is a free download & simple to use.”

Susan from Callooh Callay said “My main advice about pictures is to keep learning and improving. It's worth investing in a good camera and learning what you can about how to use it, plus keep innovating (changing backgrounds, trying different lighting, etc.). This is one of the most critical areas for your shop.

Cindy from Two Dog Vintage said “Good, natural, medium light - NO FLASH!! – and a decent photo editing program. Did I mention NO FLASH?!! Use photo editing software to brighten and add contrast. Make sure your item fills the shot and set your camera on the highest resolution. It's better to have to resize your too-big pics than have shots so tiny that no one can get a good look at the items.”

Analysis: Personally, this has been the thorn in my side! Some people have amazing product pictures which makes me WANT to buy their item. I hope to take a little advice from each shop owner and apply it over the next several weeks to “up” my game and really show my products off. I hope you will be able to take something away from this as well. Do you have any picture advice you would like to share?

Have you ever been on the Front Page of Etsy or been mentioned in an Etsy Blog?

Stacey from Vintage Jane said “I’ve been on the Front page several times....through others Treasuries.....been in several of Etsy's articles. Great, free exposure.....just luck, really....but Etsy Admin uses Etsy to "search" items for their articles, so Key words so important!”

Susan from Callooh Callay said “I've been on the front page a number of times and had my items featured in Etsy Finds, the blog, etc. I think being in a lot of treasuries helps because then Etsy Admin sees you there. To be in treasuries, you need to (1) have good pictures and (2) make a lot of treasuries. Listing new items a lot helps too.”

Cindy from Two Dog Vintage said “I have had items on the front page and in emails many times. I've never been featured on the Etsy blog. When items have been included in the mailings like "Etsy Finds" or "Etsy Gifts" - I get LOTS of favorites for both the item and my shop and occasionally it results in the item selling”

Analysis: Getting on the Etsy Front Page or being mentioned in an Etsy Blog seems to be a combination of a little luck as well as: frequent listings, good key words, being in treasuries, and great pictures!

We’ll be wrapping up this series next week with a few parting words of advice from our panel of experts – at least I think they are! I hope you will join us once more.

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