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How To Get More Etsy Sales Part 4 of 6

Wow, we are already on Part 4 of this 6 part series! Click here to read Parts 1 thru 3.  This week, we explore the best way to be “found” on Etsy and key word advice from our top vintage Etsy sellers. Let’s jump right in.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of items and shops on Etsy – what is the best way to be “found” in your experiences?

Stacey from Vintage Jane said “Best way to be found is through Etsy "search"

Laura from Peachy Chic Boutique said “I think SEO words are the best way to be found. Describe your item in the exact words you think someone would search for your item. I always put the word Vintage first, if appropriate to the item. Adding a color to the title will help people making treasuries or searching for that color find you. I copy my titles into my tags & separate with commas. I always add my shop name as a tag.”

Susan from Callooh Callay said “I think paying attention to SEO is one important aspect of being found (don't know what the "most important" is). A lot of people looking for specific vintage items come straight from google, so you have to set the listings up right to come up high in the search.”

Cindy from Two Dog Vintage said “Key words and good titles. period.”

Analysis: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to being found in Google Search Results. What is SEO?  SEO is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to your by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of major search engines. It includes keywords you use in your listing titles, tags, and text body.

Key Words on Listings – any advice?

Gina from Rusty Secrets has a lot of good advice: “If something is in my shop for a long time I mark it down substantially and renew the listing, then it usually sells. This tells me my price was too high. When I put something on sale I always try to remember to use "SALE" as a tag word.

Some good tag words that I use for my items are: shabby antique, shabby primitive, primitive antique, folk art, shabby cottage, PINK, antique victorian,  mid century, vintage, etc. Always try to use all 13 tag words. Always list your shop as one of your tag words and any team names you may be a member of.”

Stacey from Vintage Jane said “use all your options and think like a shopper when listing key words.”  Mary Kaye from the Lost Rooms said “Guess work for me, I try to follow Etsy suggestions and when I run out of ideas and I'll save the last two for my team tags, but I do suggest using them all (all 13 tags).”

Laura from Peachy Chic Boutique said “I use short words in my descriptions. Try to keep it simple with lots of white space. I am not one who usually tells stories or adds an overabundance of research.”  I do have a general formula: Description at top with facts of the item, dates, etc...usually copying the title in the first few words again, helps you be found on google (an SEO tip!).  Next - description of item conditions, disclosing any flaws, highlighting any points.  Lastly, I give size measurements (I always try to include a pic with ruler, also).

Cindy from Two Dog Vintage said “If you needed to describe something to someone without having the item to show, what words/phrases would you use? Those are the key words you should use on your listing.”  Analysis:  Always, always use all 13 key word tags. I would also put your shop name as a key word. Think like a shopper – if you were looking for this item on google, what key words would you type in the search box?

Stay tuned for Part 5 of the series where we will talk about “Pictures” and the Etsy Front page.  Please visit The Gypsy Chix Company on Etsy for all your vintage needs!

When you buy at item from the The Gypsy Chix Company, my sincere hope is that it brings back fond memories of a more simple time. If I am having a bad day, all I have to do is walk into an antique or vintage store and my spirits are instantly lifted. All of the modern day stress instantly leaves as I take a leisurely stroll back in time.

So -- sit back and relax and take a stroll through The Gypsy Chix Company.
I hope you find something that makes you smile and of course it's even better if it's something you can't live without :)

The Gypsy Chix Company, a place where old sh#t is cool. Every home needs a few fun vintage pieces!

Check out my new additions to my shop – chalk painted suitcases – great for birthdays, weddings, college graduations!

vintage suitcases 001

Vintage Chalk Painted Suitcase

    vintage suitcases 008

Vintage Brown Chalk Painted Suitcase 

 vintage suitcases 013

Vintage Blue Chalk Painted Suitcase


Callooh Callay said…
Love the suitcases! Thanks again for the feature--great advice here!
Cindy Caraway said…
Thanks for putting together these great posts! SEO is the way to go no matter where you want to be found online. Here is a great beginners guide (recommended on Etsy!) for those who want to get started:

Thanks for the feature! Looking forward to more :)

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