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Lost Letter for Mother’s Day

My almost 19 year old nursing student daughter just moved back home from her freshman year at college and somehow, she brought back way more than what she left with.  So, to make room for everything, she began cleaning her room.  This girl is a big time pack rat – the sentimental kind; one of those who have lots of trouble getting rid of things…..we all know someone like that!

In the process of cleaning her room, she found a letter she wrote on April 16th, 2007 in 8th period middle school.  I am assuming this was some type of writing assignment geared towards Mother’s Day.
As a side note, she is not the writer in the family – she is more of a math and science kind of girl – hence, the nursing program of study.  Also, when she refers to “living with my mom” she uses this term because I was a single parent for eleven years before getting re-married.

As a broke college student, I think this might end up being my 2012 Mother’s Day gift (update:  LOL, she also got me an owl for my garden).

The letter is titled “My Mother is Great” and I’d like to share it with you.

 “My mom may not be a world super star, but she is mine.  I live with her so

she has to deal with me 24/7.  I play lots of sports and she is always

practicing with me.  If I have any problems, she is always willing to help me

solve it.  When I have friends over, she always lets us do whatever we want. 

I’m glad I have my mom in my life.

    Living with my mom is a real joy!  She cooks, cleans, and does my laundry

and doesn’t know how much I appreciate it.  Even when there is about 80

loads of laundry in the hamper, she takes her time to do what needs to be

done.  I know how hard she tries to make me like living there and her effort

shows.  Whenever I have my friends over, she lets us do what we want and

most of the time, she orders pizza and rents us a movie.  No matter the

circumstances of who is over and what we do, my mom never tells me how

she really feels about it.  Even if she hates it, she doesn’t admit to it.

    I also play travel softball and I play ever weekend in the summer.  I know

she loves to watch me play but I think she gets sick of going weekend after

weekend but she never complains about it.  She knows I love it, so she learns

to love it too.  Every Saturday she is there supporting me, cheering me on.  I

not only play softball, but I play other sports like volleyball and track.  Every

game or meet, my mom is always there rooting for my team and cheering me


    My mom is also my chauffer.  I always want to got a friends house and she

is always the one to drive me there.  Night or day, she takes me there and

picks me up just so I am happy.  Also, with all my softball on the weekends,

she drives to the games and practices and clinics so I can get better. 

Without my mom driving me everywhere, I would be stuck at home everyday

with nothing to do.  When my mom is old and I have a my license, I promise

that I will drive her anywhere in the world she wants got go. (This just totally craked me up, I'm holding her to this)

    My mom has put a room over my head for the last 13 years and doesn’t

know how much I appreciate it.  When she is not doing stuff for me, she is

doing stuff for the rest of my family.  Hardly does she ever have time for her

herself anymore.  With the driving me around and putting up with me

everyday, I love her with all my heart.  She doesn’t and will never know how

much I truly care.

My little country girl wanna-be who lives in the city :)


senior pic fav 2 kat

Thanks honey - great letter!

Photo Source: Gerheart Photography


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