Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big Guy Little Car; Rome Sweet Rome

I know I haven’t posted for 10 days, but we just got back from an amazing trip to Rome and London which just happened to fall on 7th wedding anniversary. 

I can’t wait to start sharing all the incredible things we saw, but I first wanted to start with the tiny cars in Italy.
Greg is 6’5” tall.  We thought it so was funny to see all the little cars in Rome. 

I love these pictures – I just wish I could have seen him inside one!

Rome and London 2012 055

Rome and London 2012 088

Rome and London 2012 293


thistlewoodfarm said...

hahahaha! I love this post! Something tells me this is not the car for him :)

I am sure you had a wonderful trip!


STC Technologies said...

Nice trip!!

Thanks to sharing.
STC Technologies

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