Friday, June 22, 2012

Wet and Rainy London

What does London look and feel like in April?  It gives new meaning to the term “April Showers.”  It was downright miserable at the end of April 2012 while we were there for a 4 day visit.

We went from beautiful sunny Rome to a wet, rainy, cold London.  We didn’t let the rain stop us though….we were here for adventure! 

You can see the rain drops coming down.  I’m actually holding an umbrella, but it’s hard to see.
Rome and London 2012 497

Rome and London 2012 512

Rome and London 2012 517

A break in the rain

Rome and London 2012 530

Look at that sky.  My advice, don’t go in April!

Rome and London 2012 596

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