Monday, June 11, 2012

Rome Outdoor Café’s

Did you ever imagine sitting in Italy at a little outdoor café on a charming cobbled alley or square listening to a street musician play the Italian accordion? 

Close your eyes and just imagine it....go ahead, give it a try. 

It’s true my friend – outdoor café’s are extremely popular and it’s everything you imagine it to be.  Soak it up while you are there, the memories will last forever!  

Rome and London 2012 313

Rome and London 2012 300

Rome and London 2012 065

Once the musicians are done playing, they will come by with a hat to collect payment.  It’s customary to throw them a euro or two and it’s worth it.  The music will make you smile! 

1 comment:

thistlewoodfarm said...

I can't even seems like something straight out of a movie :) Thanks for the wonderful glimpse of Rome.


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