Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some of my favorite photo’s from Rome

This is the last of my Rome series.  If you want to see all the things we did in Rome, you can go to this link.

See the building below?  The Pope lives here, top second window from the right.  Did you hear me people, the POPE!  He comes out in public every Wednesday around 10:30 a.m. if you want to  see him in person from a distance.  He appears in his window on Sundays around noon to lead a prayer.

Rome and London 2012 042

Shot taken outside the Vatican - love this pic!!

Rome and London 2012 018

The simplicity of transportation

Rome and London 2012 361

These walls are thousands of years old, taken at the Colosseum

Rome and London 2012 370

The night of the awards ceremony.  If it weren't for my amazing husband, we wouldn't have went on this trip.  Thanks for working so hard this past year baby!

Rome and London 2012 105

Views of the Colosseum taken from the Forum

Rome and London 2012 262

Rome and London 2012 267

Rome is everything you imagine it to be and more!

Rome and London 2012 268

This was definitely the trip of a lifetime and I hope to go back to Italy one day - it was beautiful beyond words and I felt totally comfortable there.   

So for now, good-bye Rome and hello London!

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Kristen Victoria said...

Wow!! Such beautiful photos! This definitely tops my list of places to visit one day. Now if only my husband can start having work related awards ceremonies there. That would be great. haha!

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