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Carnival Cruise in Cabo with a little stop at Cabo Wabo, Oh Yeah

Stop number two on our magnificent 9 day cruise was Cabo San Lucas, or Cabo for short.  Cabo is a great spot for beach-goers.  With 360 days of sunshine, you can’t go wrong. Pulling into port, we had to be tendered in (a small boat ride from the ship into port).  Cabo is a beautiful sight for the eyes to see.  There are numerous fishing boats, water taxis, and sail boats adorning the harbor.  As you taxi in, excitement and smiles fill the air.  I can’t wait to get our day started!

A little about Cabo:
· is located at the very tip of the Baja California Peninsula
· is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez.
· it began as a small fishing village and is now one of the top tourist destinations.
· Christmas is the busiest time in Cabo
· cheapest time to go is June to mid-November which is when temps are hottest
· hurricane months are September and October

We had two days in Cabo although we had to be back to the ship by late afternoon each day.  On our first day, we again decided against doing a Carnival excursion and instead opted for an impromptu excursion.  We knew we wanted to do whale watching.  When we first got off the ship, we made the mistake of talking to the very first guy that came up to us – in the end, he was trying to get us to go to a timeshare presentation.  No matter what free stuff they offer you, DO NOT get roped into a timeshare presentation.  We walked a little further down the street and talked to a few more people who were offering whale watching excursions.  In the end, we settled on a 2 hour whale watching tour with an additional 2 hour stop at Lovers Beach with snorkeling.  He also threw in 36 beers and a cooler with ice (there were 6 of us).  We were charged $35 each.  To compare, a whale watching tour through Carnival is anywhere between $76 and $99 per person according to which tour you take.  I thought we got a pretty good deal!

Whale watching was pretty darn cool.  The best time for whale watching in Cabo is from mid-January to mid-March – perfect timing for us!  During this time, humpback and gray whales invade the Bay of Cabo San Lucas.  The whales migrate from their artic feeding grounds in Alaska to breed and rear their young in Cabo’s sheltered lagoons.  We saw about 5 whales in our cozy water taxi and they were close enough to get photos.  My only piece of advice would be to wear a jacket or long sleeve.  It was rather chilly speeding through the ocean waters chasing whales!

Lovers Beach is a must see, must do and you definitely need water transportation to get there.  There is a great view where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.  Once on Lovers Beach, you will enjoy beautiful wind and water shaped rock formations.  Do not try to swim on the Pacific side, it’s way too dangerous.  Limit your snorkeling and swimming to the Sea of Cortez side.  Although we had snorkeling gear, the water was a little too cold for us.  But, we did have a great time enjoying the beautiful scenery and taking in the rays.

After Lovers Beach, we were dropped off in Cabo where we had lunch right next to Senior Frogs.  Again, the food was delicious and the beers were ice cold.  Nice ending to a beautiful day.

On day two in Cabo, the girls wanted to go shopping and the guys were dying to go to Cabo Wabo.  If you have never heard of Cabo Wabo, it is a restaurant owned by rock musician Sammy Hagar of Van Halen. He plays live at the club at least once a year (on his birthday Oct 13th) with his band, “The Wabo’s.”

As stories go, here’s my Cabo Wabo story.  First of all, I got to jump up on stage with the Mexican band that plays 80’s music there.  I’m a rock star wannabe even though I once got kicked off PlayStation Rock Band – I mean, I super REALLY can’t sing.  After my rock star adventure, I had to go to the bathroom.  I head into the bathroom, take my sunglasses off and attach them to the front of my shirt and get on with business (can you see where this is going yet).  I turn around and bend over to flush the toilet and before I could catch them, my sunglasses went tumbling into the flushing toilet, before it completely flushed – EWWWE!!!  I think I sort of threw up in my mouth a little when this happened.  For some reason, I instinctively grabbed the glasses (EWWWE again), ran over to the sink and ran them under the hottest water that would come out and washed, no scrubbed them feverishly with soap.  Because of this really gross misfortune, I’m sure I was gone at least 5 minutes and when I get back, I can tell something had just happened.  I go up to hubby and he is beaming with excitement.  I asked what happened and our friend Rick shows me a picture of Sammy Hagar. 

Our friend Rick got a great shot of Sammy!

Sammy came out while I was in the bathroom.  Seriously, I have to fish my sunglasses out of a flushing toilet and they get to see a famous rock star - that is my stinking luck!  Oh well, that was the hi-light and entire reason hubby wanted to go to Cabo Wabo – so his wish came true.  At least Kim and I had fun shopping! 

Would I go back to Cabo – yes I would!  It was my favorite place on this cruise.  I picked up a few silver pieces for my girls (a ring and a bracelet), an amzing sign made out of license plates that I am saving for a future post, and a cute little hammock to hang from my pergola.  You'll have to keep checking back to see these items.

Next stop, Puerto Vallarta – our most adventurous excursion of the trip!  It involves speedboats, horses, waterfalls, and of course our handsome guide Pablo Smile

Cruise 2012 083
Getting ready to go out whale watching

Cruise 2012 087
Formed Rock jetting out from Lovers Beach

Cruise 2012 112
Lovers Beach Pacific side
Cruise 2012 161
Boat Harbor heading into Cabo
Cruise 2012 178
The famous Cabo Wabo

cruise 2012 band
My Rock Star Moment


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