Sunday, January 26, 2014

How To Get More Sales on Etsy Part 6 of 6

Thanks for sticking it out with me – we are finally on to our last post! I’ve learned a lot from these seasoned vintage sellers. Here are a few parting words of advice:

What are your top three tips for getting more customers on Etsy?

Stacey from Vintage Jane says “I have a lot of repeat costumers, so customer service is very important to me. I always ship out quickly, communicate often, and am always fair and kind. It also takes time to get your shop noticed, and list as many items as you can.

Laura from Peachy Chic Boutique gives this advice:
1. Choose items the market wants (make adjustments as you go).
2. Choose language for titles customers will search for to find that item.
3. Good pictures will get you into treasuries & more exposure.

Susan from Callooh Callay said “(1) have wonderful products, and do your research on how to present them and what key words to use; (2) take great pictures; (3) get out there and promote it in whatever way you choose (ads, blogs, treasuries, Twitter, etc.)--don't just expect people to find you.”

Finally, Cindy from Two Dog Vintage says:
1. Great descriptors in your tags and titles
2. Make sure the first photo - the one that shows up in the search listings - is a great photo.
3. Tenacity - you can't post three items and sit around for 4 months waiting for them sell. If you treat your shop like a business (show up every day and do the work to make it successful) it will be!

Do you have any tips you would like to share. To see the complete series, click here. Please visit The Gypsy Chix Company on Etsy for all your vintage needs!


 Red Lantern Winged Wheel from The Gypsy Chix Company

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