Sunday, February 3, 2013

Smith Corona Silent Portable Typewriter

Smith Corona SILENT Portable Typewriter 1945-1949 - great item for the industrial look!

A cool little piece for the mid-century, art deco or industrial enthusiast. 

Typewriter comes with original case that is in very good condition. When you open the case, the vintage aroma takes you back in time when things were much more simple.

My suggestion:  Get it before it's gone, but most importantly - have a wonderful weekend!

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For more vintage finds, please visit me at The Gypsy Chix Company on Etsy.


Kristina @ ReMadeSimple said...

What neat find. I would love to find something like this. Right now were looking for an old chandelier and a record player.

Tam said...

Thanks Kristina. I would scour the thrift shops or check out some on-line auctions in your area. I missed out on an old teal typewriter last night in an on-line auction. I was so bummed!

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